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Neil Young To Stream Anti-War CD

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Neil Young To Stream Anti-War CD: “‘Just seven months after the release of Neil Young’s laid-back country/rock record comes it’s complete antithesis: the hard-rocking, furiously politically charged Living With War. Cut in two frenzied weeks at a Los Angeles studio, the album will begin streaming for free on this Friday, before its release through digital retailers on May 2nd. Rolling Stone got its hands on an early copy, and here are some first impressions.’ (Rolling Stone article).”

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Ars Simplicity

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

I have just discovered this weblog by John Maeda. Very interesting. He is the curator of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival.

Ars Simplicity:

“I have officially signed on as this year’s guest curator of Ars Electronica — the oldest art and technology festival in the world. The topic is none other than SIMPLICITY.

S I M P L I C I T Y by John Maeda at the MIT Media Lab

(Via Maeda’s SIMPLICITY.)

Janssons Frestelse

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

The artist Niels Bonde recently gave me a table for my home-away-from-home. Nice guy. Now he curates new Swedish art in Copenhagen:

28.04-05.06. 2006 OVERGADEN:

Janssons Frestelse
Swedish contemporary art curated by Niels Bonde.

Vernisage Friday 28th April 5-8pm.

Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, DK-1414 K

Look forward to same place another time: 14.06.06-16.07.06, Heath Bunting & Hans Übermorgen

Hej til Onkel Danny

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Nu har jeg stort set ikke blogget i en måneds tid. Og så ender jeg med at være et fucking ekko-kammer en lørdag aften….suk. I forgårs faldt jeg ned i gamle “venner” som Burroughs og Leary. Hvad er mere naturligt end at ende hos Onkel Danny sån’ en nat mellem lørdag og søndag…”jo mere abe jo mindre at tabe/jo mere ko desto mere ro”…. og her kommer lidt mere:

Job at vælge/sjæl at sælge/

Trip at styre/få sin hyre

blandt meget andet jeg har fortrudt/ er det jeg ikke har gjort/ fordi det var forbudt

drømme bliver så hurtigt gamle/ så grå og ækelt vamle

Livet kræver selvironi/det er det bedste/ det selv kan give
Livet kræver selvironi/ellers bliver det hurtigt forbi
Livet kræver selvironi/det ka det li/ det er rå energi

mange timer kan der gå /med i egen pik at flå/mange timer kan man nusse/med sin egen kære kusse”

Og køb så cd’en med DT og Sølvstjernerne hos Karma Music – den er KNÆHØJ KARSE, BRED YMER og TOTALT FED!

The dark side of medical tourism

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

The dark side of medical tourism: ”

The phenomenon of medical tourism– of patients traveling abroad for surgery or other medical procedures– has received a certain amount of attention recently. Most of the stories chronicle how both patients and practitioners are taking advantage of global differences in labor costs: one Thai plastic surgeon returned his home country after decades of practicing in northern California, opened a clinic near a resort– and sees some of the same patients he had in Marin County.

But there’s a dark side to medical tourism, captured in the title of this recent Guardian article:

UK transplant patients go to China for organs from executed prisoners

The British Transplantation Society said that ‘an accumulating body of evidence suggests that the organs of executed prisoners are being removed for transplantation without the prior consent of either the prisoner or their family’.

Thousands of organs are thought to be involved in the lucrative trade, it said. Transplant centres, patients, and the Chinese authorities and judiciary could all be implicated in a breach of human rights….

[E]vidence from doctors who have left China suggests that many patients are travelling for kidney or liver transplants, perhaps in desperation because of the shortages of donor organs in their own country. Most patients came from Japan and Korea and there were quite a few reports of Chinese Americans returning to China for their operation, he said.

Websites of Chinese transplant centres openly tout in English for business from foreigners. Although they do not suggest the organs come from executed prisoners, they offer a fast supply - between a week and a maximum of a month for a kidney transplant. One website declares: ‘Viscera providers can be found immediately!’

There’s something lost in any translation that comes out ‘viscera providers.’

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Bukowski: Born Into This

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Bukowski: Born Into This: “‘The engaging documentary Born Into This peers beyond the myth of lovably cantankerous counter-culture author-hero Charles Bukowski.

‘‘When you get the shit kicked out of you long enough… you’ll have the tendency to say what you really mean,’ states Charles Bukowski in the engaging new documentary Bukowski: Born Into This. That terse observation hints at the brutality of Bukowski’s childhood, when his father would beat him with a razor strop. It also affords a context in which to view his famously stripped-down, no-nonsense literature, charged with autobiographical detail, an urgent, acerbic world-view and that balls-to-the-wall take on booze, sex, poverty and the daily grind.’ (Greylodge BitTorrent download).”

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Dave Allen RIP

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Dave Allen RIP: “

Det måtte jo komme.

Tyske katolikker har startet en kamp for at få forbudt den satiriske tegnefilm Popetown, der er, æhm, mindre end respektfuld over for pavestaten. (Se her og her, og begrundelsen her).

I dansk oversættelse forklarer kampagnelederen det troskyldigt sådan:

Efter det, der skete med Muhammed-karikaturerne, troede vi, at der var enighed om, at medierne skulle tage hensyn til de troendes følelser — uanset om de er muslimer, jøder, buddhister eller kristne.

At de ikke helt har fattet mekanikken fremgår dog af, at kampagnen opfordrer til modstand med ‘argumenter, men ikke med vold’. Men undskyld, sådan får man altså ikke respekt hos MSM, og Berlingske bringer da også et stort billede af The Pope himself.

Tja, mon ikke snart det begynder at dæmre for nogle af debattens stridsmænd og -damer, at det ikke er en farbar strategi i kampen for ytringsfriheden at svigte dem, man er politisk uenige med såsom JP, og så tro, at man kan bevare ytringsfriheden for sig selv og dem, man kan li?

Debatten har, som nævnt flere gange, herunder af statsministeren til flere meningsmageres store fortørnelse, trukket nogle interessante fronter op. En af disse brudflader løber ned igennem det befolkningsudsnit, man med lidt godt vilje kan kalde de intellektuelle. Her er en lille hurtig opstilling over nogle af kombattanterne, fortsæt gerne selv:

Mario Vargas Llosa vs. Klaus Rifbjerg

André Glucksman vs. Carsten Jensen

Salman Rushdie vs. Ib Michael

Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Mette Winge

Ak ja, da Bob Simons satte sig for at nedgøre Danmark som et provinsielt hul, havde han mere ret, end han selv anede.

Godt at gamle Dave Allen blev forskånet for disse tider.

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Livestream fra Customer Made

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Livestream fra Customer Made: “

Fremragende livestreaming (produceret af digicast) fra Customer Made konferencen, arrangeret af Innovation Lab (hvis direktør Preben Mejer smadrede en robot på Go’ Morgen Danmark i morges).

[Og Classy liveblogger det]
[Og Trine Maria livebloggede det]


Blogging About Blogging LXXXIII

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Heath Row has some good advice:

Blogging About Blogging LXXXIII: “Since I got my new laptop, I’ve fallen out of the habit of keeping up with the blogs and RSS feeds I used to follow regularly. So I just bought NetNewsWire for this machine and spent some time over the last few days subscribing to the feeds for the Fast Company Now blogroll.

To be true, I was surprised how difficult it was to find the feed links for many of the blogs. Very few had auto-discoverable feeds off the blog URL, and while many used orange RSS and XML icons near the top of their pages, many did not — and there were many variations for lower placements. Some had the icons way down low. And some used plain text feed links. Those were especially hard to find.

So, some tips for making your feeds findable:

  • Use RSS icons, not text links.
  • Use the standard orange-style RSS icons.
  • Keep RSS icons near the top. Don’t make people scroll way down low to find your feeds.
  • I’m not sure you need to offer every kind of RSS flavor. Don’t overwhelm or confuse with choices people don’t need.
  • Consider using . I know I don’t — yet. But those seemed to be among the easiest to find and use.
  • Realize that many people don’t know what RSS is yet. I don’t recommend you go as simple as saying ‘Syndicate this feed,’ but consider pairing the traditional icon with auxiliary language like that — or a ‘What is this?’ link.
  • If you do the latter, consider linking to an explanatory page like that offered by FC Now (I wrote this, so I’m biased; it might not be the best) or the What Is Rss? lens in Squidoo.

This is all off the top of my head, so if you have better or additional ideas, be sure to .

[Published while drinking coffee and listening to James Brown at Gorilla Coffee, which seems like my kind of place.]”

(Via Heath Row’s Media Diet.) › Nyheder › Indland › Miljøvenlige biler skal være billigere

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Hallo hallo vågner danske politkere omsider op????? › Nyheder › Indland › Miljøvenlige biler skal være billigere:
“Miljøvenlige biler skal være billigere
22. apr. 2006 22.41 Indland
Et flertal i Folketinget med de Konservative i spidsen anser de danske bilafgifter forældede og vil have lavet det om, så de favoriserer miljøvenlige biler.
Skatteordfører Charlotte Dyremose (K) mener, at afgiften bør beregnes f.eks. ud fra CO2-udslip og vægt.
Det nuværende system gør fabriksnye biler med fokus på sikkerhed eller miljø næsten ubetalelige for mange.
Toyota har måttet opgive at sælge sin hybridbil i Danmark. Den kører 80 pct. længere på literen end en almindelig bil i samme klasse.”


IM = interesting media

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

To understand a teenager. Morten Lund tries…. :-) :

IM = interesting media: “Top IM Uses Among Teens Include:

To chat with family or friends: 92 percent
To gossip: 55 percent
To set up weekend or evening activities: 55 percent
To help or accept homework help from friends: 50 percent
To share photos: 47 percent
To play games with buddies: 46 percent
To flirt: 44 percent
To send celebratory wishes, such as Happy Birthday: 38 percent
To share files: 37 percent
To engage in social networking: 35 percent

Teen Interest in Future Features:

Live streaming television: 39 percent
Music on demand: 39 percent
Video on demand: 30 percent
PC to Phone VoIP calling: 24 percent
Phone to phone VOIP: 15 percent
The survey can be found at

(Via a | a | B | O | O | K - un/officialy Morten Lund.)

Ny gratisavis på jagt efter journalister

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Hvem sagde Dagen?

Ny gratisavis på jagt efter journalister: “Chefredaktøren for Dagsbruns kommende gratisblad vil betale, hvad det koster, for at trække de journalistiske talenter væk fra konkurrenterne. Ifølge en af konkurrenterne, Berlingske Tidende, er den nye islandsk finansierede morgenavis - der endnu ikke har noget navn - på jagt efter journalister. Det har tidligere været nævnt, at de skal hente 100 nye journalister til avisen, der skal være gratis og husstandsomdelt. Og den nye chefredaktør, David Trads, er parat til at betale, hvad der skal til for at få journalisterne.

‘Der er mange dyre, der ikke er ret gode, mens mange billige er enormt gode. Men det er ikke noget, vi ser på. Vi kan sagtens betale de lønninger, der skal til,’ siger David Trads til Børsen. …”

(Via Dagbladet Information.)

Seventeenth episode - Interview with Paul Gerhardt (English)

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Bøtter is podcasting from Customermade:

Seventeenth episode - Interview with Paul Gerhardt (English): “

My interviews from CustomerMade will be in English.

Yesterday I attended the CustomerMade conference at the IT-University of Copenhagen, and had the pleasure to have a talk with Paul Gerhardt, Director of the new Creative Archive from BBC.

We had a small chat about how BBC built the Creative Archive, how they want to involve other organizations and Paul’s wishes the rest of Europe would wake up and make similair archives. We also briefly touch upon the record industry, based on a survey (86% danish children thinks it’s OK to copy a movies and music) sent to me by Andreas Johannsen.

Download podcast (9 minutes, 4 MB)

(Via Jacobs podcast.)

Eighteenth episode - Interview with Jeffrey Kalmikoff (English)

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Bøtter is podcasting on Customermade:

Eighteenth episode - Interview with Jeffrey Kalmikoff (English): “

My interviews from CustomerMade will be in English.

At the CustomerMade conference yesterday, I spoke with Jeffrey Kalmikoff from skinnyCorp about the social factor in ecommerce. skinnyCorp is probably mostly known for making Threadless, a different t-shirt shop where the users design the shirts and vote on them to choose which ones are going to get printed.

Jeffrey and I talk about the community at Threadless, their new projects such as and their future plans.

Download podcast (16 minutes, 7 MB)

(Via Jacobs podcast.)

“Language is a virus

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

…from outer space” – I feel like quoting W. S. Burroughs after a day like this: Link

If you don’t know him, read Wikipedia


Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Today I had the pleasure of being the moderater at the conference Customermade arranged by Innovationlab and O’Reilly Media. I did not have time to blog, but others were more eager on the keyboards: Trine-Maria at hovedetpaabloggen – Jon Lund at – Claus Dahl at